Bando Book PDF File
and what makes them tick.  
This book will introduce the car
owner and young  driver to the
Bandolero.  Seasoned Bando
Racers will also find useful Racers
will also find useful information.

Written in plain easy to understand
terms, this book will help you to
avoid many common pitfalls of the
Bando world.

115 pages-over 150 color photos.  
Packed with information,
examples, buyers guide, setup
procedures and information.
“This is an AMAZING book! Full of very useful  information. especially for a newcomer to
the sport, this book will be an excellent tool!  I will recommend it to everyone here in CA!
       Alison Wiggins
and pick up a couple of good ideas you are well ahead in the game.  I have already found
Bando Book PDF File
Available Soon!
Bando Book PDF File
Available Soon!